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Name:Victoria "Tori" Marie Crawford

"But it’s my, my heart--my life that you're calling a lie..."

Name: Victoria "Tori" Marie Crawford * Age: 17 18 19 20 years old

"The idea of being another person to add to his body count as the way I go out is more than I can stand! The idea of all my dreams and hopes being ripped away from that asshole is more than I'd want to tolerate! I don't want to die because of the selfishness of someone else!"

This is a roleplay journal for an original character. Tori has been played at [community profile] genessia since March 2014! ♥

(Was previously in [community profile] exsilium during May 2012, and then July 2012 until the game's ending in March 2014. She was also in [community profile] asgardeventide for a brief period of time in 2012.)

OOC NOTES: *Profile image by Dawnrie at deviantART.
*Lyric is from "New Way to Bleed" by Evanescence.

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not bad ends, tsuning at yuans
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